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Bailey - Owner

I began quilting in 2014. Quilting quickly became my ritual of self-reflection, self-care, and healing. What I love about the craft is that it allows for full creativity while also involving necessary, predictable tasks, each with a clear beginning and end. The checklist lover in me enjoys those simple pleasures. The creative in me loves balance of work and play, being able to “color” inside the lines but also create the lines themselves.

The process of creating challenges the skills I seriously lack: math and precision. But nothing can outweigh the feeling of making something with your own two hands and seeing it bring joy and comfort to others.

James- Associate

James started sewing in the summer of 2022 when he wanted to make some pillows out of old t-shirts. Shortly after those pillows he wandered into by & by determined to make his husband a new quilt. He quickly became addicted to sewing and quilting as it provides a creative outlet that was not available during years of government work. Not only does he still sew pillows but he also sews tote bags, clothing, wall hangings and quilts. When not sewing he can be found gardening, baking or putting bandanas (that he sewed) on his dogs.


The term by-and-by (noun) means 'a future time'; the adverb means 'before long, soon' . Bailey started quilting at the beginning of a murky season in life. Quilting is how she processes all life throws her way. The physical act of cutting up fabric only to put it back together again to create something new and beautiful is an act of healing and self-exploration. It’s also a reminder that sometimes you have to break things down in order to build them back up. Exploration into self, into creativity is what she hope to inspire through this tiny shop. by & by is a temporal reminder; it’s hope for the future that things will get better by and by.

Whether you’re here as a beginner quilter, seasoned quilter, or general sewist, we hope you’ll find something that resonates with and inspires you.